by Natasha Luna

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released May 5, 2005



all rights reserved


Natasha Luna Lima, Peru

Natasha Luna (Peru, 1981).
Her music can be described as a blend of a dense, sort of morbid and repetitive piano, phantasmagoric arrangements, all with a cinematic feeling that goes along with it.

She has recently released her third album "Carcasse", going further in her artistic experimentations but keeping the original darkness already present in her past works (Emilio, 2005 and N, 2008).
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Track Name: Invitation
Please let me take you to a soft place
Please let me guide this trip
And please, behave
Track Name: The Girl Is Trying
Now that I've started to feel
A bit less scared
Doubts have regained their wings and their bruises as well

Keep talking baby
Though I'm busy strangling the three headed monsters of noise
I must admit that I still cannot cease to protect and to nourish them all
Now that I've learned to just hug and not ask
I am missing to fall down the hole
Fear pays a visit just once a week
And I'm rushing to open the door
I'll learn to love to be fine
I'll try to avoid my childish thirst to cry

I promise I won't be scared of a pale night
And I won't wake you up if I am
You'll see I'll try all my best
To just rest and be nice

But they'll come and they'll ask
And they'll seek and they'll grasp
And they'll dig into all of my fears and they'll take me with them
'cause they know how I love
To be choke by myself
And myself is just hungry to sweat
And be swept
Track Name: Destnée
Tame all this sadness
And take me to your silence
Where's the nest of your brightness
Please, tell me where

Put on me some softness
Let me in to see your darkness
There I'll sleep please don't wake me up
There I'll breathe please don't wake me up

I'll be fine please don't worry
I'll smile
Understand that first I have to get rid of this
I'll be fine please don't worry
I'll smile, understand that first I have to eat all this

All night long I've been walking
Couldn't find a good star that would make me shine
Or at least light my way
Track Name: As Death Did Us Part
May I drop these thoughts to exscind the wanness
Of a life that couldn't lie no more
How you fade away announcing silence
And a great scorn to solve the enigma
I have lost my thirst to undress her
And my sick ambition to awake her rage
But now I promise I'll get rid of my mourning for sense
And enjoy and lead the war started in a healthier age

Whether life has sense or just a dirty trick to obsess you
You cannot deny the colors and the sounds
Let's ignore the joy and drive ourselves to glory
Or at least to shred the murmurs of complain

Chase them, blow them, kick them all away
Break them, throw them,
I can't seem to find the way
Track Name: Imported Pain
What's that thought that makes you cry every night
What's the secret you keep that chokes your heart
Why to wish your pillow swallows your head
My knife will like you if you complain again

Come to me my child I'll teach you the pain
My lash is going to ask you three questions today
Kneeling and praying will take you straight to my hell
You'll have to prove somehow you never faked
Come and taste my...
Track Name: Every Time You Seek The Answer
My suspicion has broken my arm and my will
I thought there was at least someone laughing at me
But that someone is just a silence that cannot be filled
Dangerous boldness to expect man and universe together fit

Lust, I have tried
Chastity, I have failed again

Even aware and brave
There's no a chance to escape
Breathing uncertainty
You'll frame some kind of ease
It's not a matter of truth or of strength
When you've seen that no answer will grant you no rest
So just
Trifle and dance
Although nothing will last
'cause you'll try to find out
Why those are better ways and...

You'll cry again
Stop and a question
Stop and a thought that will drown you even more

Please forgive your doubtful being
He'll ask, he'll grasp, just smile
That corner is bewitched
Don't fall in love with the blur
And come, just come

Every time you seek the answer
There's a bunch of ghosts that flower
Have you tried to embrace yourself
This world will never go away
Why don't you come back and play
Your thirst to know is ruining us all
Life has never asked for your approval
You'll just have to stop right now
Track Name: With All My Roots Stuck In Here
Life get off me
Stop raping me
Now it's my turn
Feel the hungry past
That swallowed all my faith and brought me here

Oh damn, yeah damn, it's fate

And where else would I be
With all my roots stuck in here
And where else
Would my voice sing
Without the soma I found just here

I'm so afraid to be safe

Bring all the loss
Bring all the storm
I won't stop

You know you can bring all the loss
And bring all the storm
'cause I won't stop
No, I won't stop

And where else would I be
With all my roots stuck in here
And where else
Would my voice sing
Without the soma I found just here

I need some soma to be and not to be
I need some soma to breathe away from here
I need some soma to seek what I must be
I need some soma to leave what I have lived
Track Name: Suffocation
I cannot breathe
I don't find air
I've been put to sleep in a cage filled with creeps

I'm sorry if I show my hate
My heart was too heavy to carry all the way
I had to tear it from me
I saw some kids feeding themselves with it

Are these nightmares going to end?
Are these nightmares going to end, someday?
The streets are empty still I feel someone pointing at me
I just cannot fall sleep

Take my head away I need to sleep
The pain is extinguished
Still I have to take the stone up there
It just seems this has no end

And finally the one who knows
Cannot contain himself and laughs

"Oh my little kid,
All this stupid grief
You've been entertaining us"
Track Name: The Inquisitors
Did you hear all the voices accusing you?
Did you feel all the punches of your conscience?

C'est le fantôme qui me chasse
C'est la faiblesse de la rage

Did you see all the judges condemning you?
Can you stop all you thoughts they are killing you

C'est l'insomnie qui refuse de fuir
C'est le passé qui m'empêche d'agir

Viens, prends mes mains
Sent le sang qui déborde à cause de la faim de mort
Track Name: Confessions of a Quiet Mind
You know it from beginning
(You like to choke in silence)
You know it from the start

You know it since it all became alive
Filthy son of need
Come on and show your blood
You know it
You like to expose your wounds
You know how good is to show a skin
Ripped off from lies
But you can't do it again
And you won't do it again

You are not wrong
I don't suffer from sadness but from limberness
Yet I am harassed by the question
As any other person that melts in true pains
Don't blame me for being aware
I am not denying the weeping
I am just too anguish to fall
My idleness is not an escape
But a consequence
I am tired yet in love
I have touched life
I have licked the hidden places
I have spit on her
As she has spit on me
But she is no longer attractive
So I have betrayed her for silence
For his skin is just skin
And not the surface of the truth
I am so tired of dwelling
I am so tired to realize that is not about the end
But about the search
The only string in which I hang in life
Is the taste i find in suffering
So let me rise a dirty cult
To the shine of the neverending enquiry
To this, I have determined myself to stay quiet
And perhaps to smile once in awhile

I will contemplate the day
And not its possibility
Move my feet a little
And be amazed by my toes
I don't want to be great
I just want to be beautiful
Yet, I am conscious of my choice
Thus I won't be released by my thoughts
I guess I will have to laugh more often