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Natasha Luna's sophomore album.
Written and produced by Natasha Luna.

Photo by ©G.Suálar


released December 28, 2008



all rights reserved


Natasha Luna Lima, Peru

Natasha Luna (Peru, 1981).
Her music can be described as a blend of a dense, sort of morbid and repetitive piano, phantasmagoric arrangements, all with a cinematic feeling that goes along with it.

She has recently released her third album "Carcasse", going further in her artistic experimentations but keeping the original darkness already present in her past works (Emilio, 2005 and N, 2008).
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Track Name: Not even Vronsky
She couldn’t help it
Her gist was made by the nine saddest shadows
And though there was a bird who* dropped a tear to save her fate
She couldn’t help it
She add to the mix more sorrow

Her hand was driven by a cunning force
Her sadness was beyond her weak control
Although if she was honest and fair
She would admit she loves her life that way
Wait, isn’t that?

She wouldn’t read relentlessly or drink vinegar
She wouldn’t mess around whenever she could
Damning the little life she had

She only built the road to a tragic end
The end she dreamt about since she was a child

Beautiful arms and beautiful shoulders
I hope she keeps them that way in her next life
For the men are getting tired of depth
Of haunting voices that drive our selves mad
And all they want is to get there and to stay there
And “there” is a soft place with no conflicts
A place with insipid charms and everlasting noises

Entertain the man for otherwise he shall fall sleep
Not even the earth is hungry of him
And thus he’ll live forever like some yellow plastic
Unfit for what deserves death
Track Name: The Milk Has Gone Cold
Time has lost its power on me
And I won’t go back to it
They all keep on drinking of it
And I’ve burned the stairs they built for me
For I better don’t wake up
I’ve seen what they have to offer
Some crumbs
And just the smell of happiness
I won’t, I won’t… Give in

Your skin… was gone
Before the fire could catch it
Your heart would never melt
Oh Lord, they had to smash it

Death doesn’t wear black
It does not even have eyes
It’s just a simple end
The most vulgar end
They lied to me about death
And so they lied about life

Now, will they ever convince me?
They’ve told me to go on
But the milk has gone cold
Yes the milk has gone cold
‘cause I never came down to keep on…
I never left this room and I never will
Until it gets here
I’ve grown patient for you
I’ve grown stronger for you
And now I’m ready

All dressed, all packed and even right now
I have opened my window all wide
To wait for the spaceship, the black hand
That’ll take me away from here to you, to you, to you
Don’t care about them
‘cause the honesty they drowned and the mirror kept
Right before death, it will come back and stab them
And slay them, but me, but me
Would you come back for me?
Track Name: The Frog Is Out Of Frogness
Once upon a time
There was a frog who* couldn’t change his* color
And afraid of predators
He’d never leave his home

All his toxins where so mild that he thought
“It’d only take a bit of salt
To abridge its bad taste
Forget about the poison
It’d only cause a stomach ache”

So the frog thought:
“I won’t procreate
I always thought we were disgusting anyway
And who would care about becoming a tasteless prince
And stand a moron princess everyday,

All the frogs around wake up so early in the morning just to dance
So they can glare a princess who’s so bored and dumb
That she would kiss whoever tells her that she’s fine”.
Track Name: Rêves d'Absinthe
My rage has not yet been enough
I never dare to pull the trigger or to take the knife out
So I'm gonna drink this dream
I'm gonna follow that path and take them all
'cause they've asked for it
through their acts, through their words, so said the hole

Je prendrai soin de m'en souvenir de leurs noms,
(tendré cuidado de no olvidar sus apellidos)
leurs prénoms, (sus nombres)
leurs couleurs les plus aimées (sus colores preferidos)
Je serai aimable et douce même avec leurs yeux
(seré amable y dulce incluso con sus ojos)

So I'll dance for the very first time
and I promise I'll enjoy my life this time

Guinevere said I could bring the axe with me
And she told me to follow nothing but the green road
Tell me where that is
Yes I've dreamt of it

But sometimes I get numb
for this conscience I've been born with
makes me doubt, never settle, in my mind there\'s two people always fighting

Oh, here it comes
I know it will get there, yes there
And just this once I'll dare to be that person unafraid
and then I'll go back to that self so dumb
you all laugh about
Yes, I've heard

Anyhow I'll end up with you
Track Name: Petite Fille (boîte métallique)
Dès que je suis naît je suis récluse dans cette boîte
Et toi tu ris, tu gonfle ta poitrine, tu souris et tes amis aussi
Chaque soir la même histoire
Quelques bières, quelques blagues
Et puis les draps tous secs
Et le sang pourri
Pendant que moi timide et drôle j’invite mes amis
J’oublie tout le temps leurs noms
Mais hélas! Tan pis!
J’en ai besoin que d’écouter parfois mes propres cris
Et comme ça, ça va pour moi, et toi
Ça va aussi?

Elle ne pourra pas, elle est arrivée trop tard
Oui, je sais mais quand même ce n’est plus possible
C’est pas… C’est pas moi qui lui dira
Oui, j’accepte

Oh, they say it’s true
I have always strayed
Do they know the taste?
Of the loss of faith

Et oui, c’est vrai
Je pleure, je cris, je tombe et je crève toute la nuit
Mais même si mes maux sont des rejets de l’ennui
Mes joies elles sont réelles et le tiennes, les tiennes aussi?
Track Name: Out of Machtecheb
Soy croscendo
Parte mash prefunda
Soy crustendo
Kraten Kastrishtá
Kristal Mervo
Deliz Krasmetula
Kerrin Tanten Prafe Krashmastá
Jala Merroshteko
Kirasleko Meliprufa
Derrashte lamento
Koire siva te linduma
Sikrastemo Frailasirra

We are the ones who watch from the outside
But not wanting to come in
Just begging for someone to step aside and play with us
You’ll get use to it
And you’ll love it as you already do right now
So tie your shoes and be please by their joy
Don’t be late to stop having those stupid thoughts on how you’re different and better
Don’t waste your time like that
Track Name: Their Time Will Come
Teasing them again with your silence
You know it leads them to themselves
Your patient eye
(Attractive and repulsive)
The green acid that bursts
(In their stomachs, their feet, their hearts)
They have sinned (seen), don’t they know?
They have sinned (seen), and they must pay for it and feel it
Track Name: Someday The Lake Will Come To Me
At last, the time has come
For me to find my place
The lake is calling, is calling like the first day
Now I’ve done my deed
Now, I’ve cleansed the earth
Now, it’s time to leave
The gates are waiting

And the world is a better place
Without the noise they made
And the world is a better place
Without their filthy heads
And the world is a better place
Without the noise I made
And the world is a better place
Without my filthy head
Track Name: Waltz for an Albatross
Doom this one child
Well, just make him ugly
and leave him into
the hands of boredom and light

She tried to burn herself
She used her teeth to rip off all of her skin
It was so sad and pale
No one would ever touch that

They would only laugh
They would only make fun of his steps
They would only expect him to amuse them

He would stand
But I never saw him adequate
He would stay, free

He would know
How blessed he really was
He would not ignore his faith (OUR FAITH)

here on this earth
there's no place for you
or me"
Track Name: The Art Of Stillness And The Slow Pupil
With wanton heed I brought you to my maze
Here you’ll learn to pay respect to silence
For all the merriment you have displayed
Has bound me to enlighten you about sternness

Stillness is an art you cannot master
And knowing well your essence
I am certain that you never will
Yes, you’re right I’ve brought you so you suffer
But let’s recall who first said I was harrowed

I wish I could consider some forgiveness
But you have vexed my patience to its death